About Me

Elisha Sonn, Fitness Marketer & Certified Pilates Instructor

Welcome! My name is Elisha Sonn, and I am a Fitness Marketing Expert, Certified Pilates instructor and business owner of my own private in-home Pilates practice, Pilates with Elisha. Believe it or not, my career started very far from the fitness world.

My passion for fitness has grown beyond teaching and led me to pursue my master’s in marketing at Florida International University. My diverse background in business, technology, and fitness, paired with my developing expertise in marketing, offers me a unique perspective on understanding consumer behaviors in the fitness space. Because I understand the power of movement and its impact on your life, I can inspire your audience to find the same passion for your practice.

Pilates became my outlet while working as a Software Engineer and Project Manager. The position was a natural transition after graduating from Indiana University with a bachelor’s in Informatics and minors in Business and Marketing. However, the long hours at a desk left me feeling drained, which led me to find my passion for Pilates. And for over two years now, I have been working as an instructor, motivating my clients to move and live better.

If you’re a potential client looking for more info, please connect with me! If you’re a fitness professional looking to expand your business, let’s connect!